The Denver New Schools Office (NSO) is responsible for the creation of new schools inside the district. Established in 2008, it employs a portfolio approach by starting new district schools and transforming existing ones through chartering and contracts. It oversees chartered schools in the city, and facilitates two district reform efforts titled Beacon Schools and a School Improvement Grant program.

The business community in Denver has been very supportive of the district’s efforts at creating new schools. In 2008 there were 25,000 students on waitlists for Denver chartered schools, and business leaders began to press for the creation of more options.

The office identifies and responds to the needs and priorities of the city. In its first years the office is focusing primarily on the development of secondary schools, including career and technical programs.

Reporting structure:

The office reports through the Assistant to the Superintendent for Innovation and Reform.



Ethan Hemming
Deputy Director, Office of School Reform and Innovation

*Image: DPS Foundation