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Guest Post: To save money in tight financial times, one teacher says -- Decentralize!

During this Great Recession a system that was already being squeezed is following the instinct of centrally-managed systems to harden. This may be the precise wrong thing to do. In this post a teacher-manager of a school argues more discretion should be given to the ‘users’ of the system to figure out how to best meet learning goals with the resources available.

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Guest Post: Discussion with pioneers of a new tech-based learning model

Two professionals from the School of One sat down recently for a discussion with Education Innovating, about their experiences starting and working in an entirely new learning environment, merging newly-created software with unorthodox learning model and classroom design.

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School of One: new technologies + new school model = more learning, faster

The School of One is a new and growing school in New York City that merges direct instruction, group work, and individual computer-based learning—at the same time, in the same open classroom—to greatly improve the amount of learning that takes place during a school day.

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Win a signed copy of Disrupting Class

This week, post a comment anywhere on this blog and you’ll be eligible to win a copy of Disrupting Class signed by co-author Curtis W. Johnson.

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With iPhone 4 launch, it’s increasingly apparent that prohibition goes against the natural state of things

With the launch of iPhone 4 this week, we move one step further along in the growing disconnect between the capabilities of technology and their prohibition in traditional factory-style of schools.

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Using technology to personalize learning in math

Reasoning Mind is a program for teaching math that successfully personalizes learning while increasing the interest and motivation of students.

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Cluster hordes of innovators in “hot spots”

David Brooks wrote a New York Times column last December about facets of an innovation agenda for economic reform.

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Why assume ‘traditional’?

The consensus in education reform is to build on traditional school. Even Microsoft, in a “We See” ad for software, shows a classroom, a blackboard – and no computer.

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"Mere precedent is a dangerous source of authority."

There is a lot of talk about ‘innovation’ in education, with a lot of varying ideas about what it is. Our view is that serious innovation examines alternatives to the present way of doing things.

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