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Instead of cell phones, ban disruption

One school has found that the best way to think about the presence of cell phones in school is to rethink the problem. Instead of banning cell phones, the students elected to instead ban disruptive behavior.

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Before targeting teachers, look at the system

Ken Futernick, director of the School Turnaround Center for the California-based organization WestEd, recently had a keen insight on why teachers behave as they do—bargain collectively, resist accepting certain frameworks of accountability, become frustrated with management. He turns attention from the people, to the structures in which they work.

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How to determine teacher pay?

Bill Gates gave a speech in Louisville last week to the Council of Chief State Schools Officers (CCSSO), where he argued a need to address school financing problems by rethinking teacher pay. Instead of seniority and education level, what could be a mechanism for effectively determining teacher pay? In some schools, teachers set it themselves.

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Guest post: Alternative assessment methods in Alberta better enable personalization

Superintendent of schools in Edmonton, Alberta describes how schools in that district have begun adopting alternative assessment programs that do not rely on regular grades to determine student performance. By eliminating the impact of daily performance measures on a student’s final grade the learning processes become more personalized by releasing the pressure for every student to produce the same end product.

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Teacher-leadership of schools is a means for improvement

Teacher-leadership is a way of managing a school that can allow for more flexibility and inventiveness. In a time of financial constraint and the need for improved performance, that responsiveness is important. Our imagination should not stop at teacher-leadership, but begin—considering what can come from it.

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Describing teacher-run schools in a Teacher Magazine interview

Teacher-run schools continue to appear in the news. In this interview in Education Week’s Teacher Magazine, EE partners Ted Kolderie and Joe Graba describe characteristics that begin to emerge in schools that are run by teachers.

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Guest Post: How Does A School Foster Hope?

Each year at Northwest Passage High School students complete the Hope Survey, that measures student engagement, academic press, goal orientation, belongingness, and autonomy.

This allows the school to get a sense of how much and whether hope is being grown. The school has found that hope is built when students are given choice and autonomy.

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Unions: To be a scapegoat is a choice

An article in the New York Times this past week pushed back against the caricature of AFT President Randi Weingarten by Waiting for Superman. There is truth to Weingarten’s sentiment that unions have become a scapegoat. That is why (politically) unions have an incentive to take the offense and get out from under this pile. Say, “We'll accept accountability, but give us control.” That can be a game changer.

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Can Teachers Run Their Own Schools?

In this case study of several teacher-led schools in the upper Midwest, Claremont University researcher Charles Taylor Kerchner found some interesting things. The schools use resources differently than traditional district schools. They also have constructed a much different method of teaching. And, they slice up authority and responsibility differently–including assigning a good bit of responsibility for learning to the students.

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Cut a New Deal With Teachers

If 'Michelle Rhee' was the answer, what was the question? What if 'strengthening management' is the wrong approach? The goal surely is: quality teachers who put students first. Might there be an easier way?

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